Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Cool Man Cave Ideas

A man cave or man space is a male retreat in a home. It can be a garage, a spare room, den, media room or a basement. The term man cave describes a room inside the house such as basement or garage or outside the home such as wood shed or tool room where guys can do as they please without fear of upsetting any female sensibility about house d├ęcor or design.

Men have had identity problems since the women’s movement. When men have their own man space, what they put inside of it is really an expression of who they are. Man space is about an identity for a man.

A man cave has different purposes, such as a place to be alone, to indulge in hobbies or to hang out with male friends. The purpose of man cave an also be to watch movies, sports or to play video games with male friends. Man cave can be equipped with big TV screens, musical instruments, amplifiers, entertainment accessories etc. For setting up of a man cave you need to consider few things which are as under.

How a man cave looks like

The entrance to a man cave is just as important as the man cave itself. You should know exactly why you built a man cave. You wanted something to showoff to your friends. A man cave is all about making a statement and the first impression is the most important part of that. You should have a theme of the room because your man cave says a lot about what you are, what you think and what’s in your mind. Wood paneling can also be a good option. Texture of the walls and what you placed on the floor should be eye catching and it should give a soothing effect when your friends enter in your cave. Traditional color scheme can be used on walls. Use the colors which suit your personality and attract the person who is entering man cave and spending time with you.


The furniture which should be used for man cave must be good. Leather furniture is the best option to place inside man cave and it has lot of variety too. Secondly, while eating something it is very much possible that drinks, pizza, popcorn or anything can drop on sofa. If it is leather furniture then it can be wiped off easily. Comfy chairs and a coffee table are man cave essentials. Overall, it totally depends on your mood that what you want in man cave. It may be a cigar room, billiard space, media room, a bar or a room set for watching movies or playing games.


A man cave or man room is basically just any space where a man can go to relax after a stressful day. There are lots of additional things which can be added to the space to make it more relaxing, fun and comfortable such as managing area or a gaming console. Make sure everything you add into room is well coordinated and thought out. It is not very comforting to have a bunch of random items all over the place with little or no reason. Few things can be added to man cave as per desire and requirement e.g, a snack and soda machine, sports equipment, wine cooler, candles, gaming zone, big TV screens, musical system, play station etc.

Focus on things that satisfy you the most and then your man cave will be successful. Keep it well-organized, comfortable and personal. Don’t try to do everything at once or else it will become a big mess and will just stress you out which is the opposite of the intended purpose of a man cave.